Real estate solutions for your real needs.

We Make A Difference in People's Lives.

When you think about SolutionWorks Homes, chances are you think about a real estate company that buys and sells homes. And for good reason, too. But SolutionWorks Homes is about a whole lot more than just buying and selling houses.  We're a regional company, bringing alternative, industry-leading, real estate solutions to everything from buying houses that people thought were un-sellable, to creating equity where none exists and saving people‚Äôs hard earned credit.

Each of our solutions has its own story to tell. We gathered several of those stories here, and invite you to discover for yourself how people throughout the St. Louis area are coming to us to solve their most difficult real estate problems and to help them reach their next goal.

We make a difference in people's lives. And that is our ultimate satisfaction.

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