Real estate solutions for your real needs.

Looking for an honest and ethical solution that's different from what Realtors are offering?

Or maybe you are behind on payments (or about to be), and you are headed toward foreclosure, or already in foreclosure, and you need to know your rights and options.

The first thing we ask when you call our office is “What is your goal regarding the house?” We want what's best for you. That’s in our best interest too! We only want happy, satisfied clients. The best way to assure that is by meeting your needs. If it happens that our solutions meet your needs, then so much the better. If we don't have what you are looking for we do our best to send you to someone we believe to be reputable.

Do you want to:

 Sell your house?

 Keep your house?

 Realize a certain profit?

 Get out from under the debt?

If you are current on your payments, and you need a fast sale, there are a whole set of options we can explore for purchasing your house from you.

If you are behind on payments or soon to be, there is another set of options to explore, depending on whether you want to keep your house or sell it, and upon your capabilities and circumstances. Again, we are not attorneys or foreclosure counselors, but we do have extensive experience with national and local lenders, Missouri and Illinois foreclosure laws, and related topics, such as bankruptcy.

When you call our office, our staff will walk you through a step by step process to help you determine your goals, determine your resources, determine your options and see if any of our services will fit your needs.