Real estate solutions for your real needs.
How is SolutionWorks different?

We are NOT real estate agents. We do not list properties. We buy houses. We do not charge any fees when we buy property. We purchase property directly from sellers and have a varietyof tools in our toolkit to solve most, if not all, of those unique real estate problems. Even if you have NO equity or if you owe MORE than the house is worth!

We like Realtors and we work with them every day. They have a process for selling specifically designed to fit a certain type of property and client, and one that generally works well. However, there are many real estate related situations that today’s typical real estate sales model is not designed to handle. Typical real estate transactions are designed to serve a narrowly defined group of clients and property types.

If your situation happens to fall outside that narrow definition, you're out of luck.

For example, you want or need to sell the house now, but:

  • You don’t want make all the repairs the house needs to sell it.

  • You need or want to move, very soon, and need a quick sale.

  • You are divorcing and want a quick sale.

  • You need the certainty of an all-cash closing.

  • You’ve tried to sell, without success.

  • You owe more on the house than it is worth.

  • You’ve considered renting it out, but don’t want to be a landlord.

  • You haven’t built enough equity to cover the cost of selling it.

  • You know that soon you will not be able to make your payments.

These are just a few of the situations that don’t fit today’s “cookie cutter” real estate approach. In fact, many Realtors refer clients to us whom they are not able to help!

You have probably already explored the current real estate sale process and found it won’t work for your situation.

But, for your information, you should know that today’s typical real estate sales model requires:

  • Enough equity in the property to pay a 6% commission to the real estate companies involved in a sale

  • Enough equity to pay at least 50% of all closing costs

  • Enough equity to pay unknown additional expenses due to buyer inspections

  • The house needs to be in excellent condition and “staged” for showing

  • The seller to be prepared to sign a 6 month listing agreement

  • Dependence on the buyers financing for closing

  • Your property, your schedule, your financial needs, your timeline, all need to fit into THEIR structure, not the other way around!If any of those areas don’t fit, they can’t help you.

If your situation is like one of these, let us see if our Solution…Works for you. Give us a call and let’s see if we can create a mutually beneficial working relationship.

Seller Hotline: 314-865-2346 (recorded info line 24/7)